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  Welcome to visit  pro-PlanTool !
  PlanTool is a software which focus on assisting tool shop planning. It came from Germany tool making industry and serve for the industry since 2002.  
  PlanTool target  
  PlanTool is keeping on providing efficient tool planning and manufacturing control solution. We know customer's request always change, we help the planner to give the most rapid reaction to satisfy their customer.  
  PlanTool came from tool making industry, serve for tool making industry  
  In 2002 PlanTool is founded in Germany as a consulting and software company. Company founder Mr. Wolfram Oldörp has more than 20 years tool shop managing experience, he know the challenges of this industry very deeply.  
  Until now we have more than 50 customers and run the software on 350 computers. In Europe with locations in Germany, Austria, Czech, Slovakia (Härter, Mekutec, Krallmann group, Weba group) their tool shop employee from 7 up to 400. Since 2008 we start our service in Asia, and share our experience in tool manufacturing plan.  
  PlanTool is suitable for  
  This software is suitable for any scale tool making factory, it is easy for planner to control the shop capacity and worker can input their daily work information into system conveniently. It need not hire any IT specialist to maintain the software, we can provide training and let your worker do it by themselves.  
  As a special software for tooling, PlanTool is also suitable to serve the tooling shop department (or tool maintaining department) of big company, and we can communicate our data with the existing ERP system.  
  By the modules of PlanTool itself, we can serve a tooling shop independently.